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Zaxe Z3
400 x 300 x 350 mm closed print volume with passive heating. Fully automatic and Z tilt calibration. 7” capacitive touchscreen. Your industrial solution partner with Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity.
Zaxe X3
220 x 230 x 250 mm closed print volume with passive heating. Fully automatic calibration. 5” capacitive touchscreen. Designed as an economic solution for professionals with its Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity.
Zaxe xlite+
220 x 230 x 200 mm print volume Fully automatic calibration. 5” capacitive touchscreen. Bring your productivity to your desk with Wifi, USB, micro USB and ethernet connectivity.
Zaxe ABS
It’s a plastic from petrol. Preferred for professional prints for its strength and heat resistance while being suitable for post-printing surface treatment operations. It is preferred for interlocking prints.
Zaxe PLA
Zaxe PLA is a bio-plastic component made with cornstarch as its base material. Products that can come into contact with food and beverage can be printed for home use.
Zaxe PETG, a copolyester material with high impact resistance, has a very low shrinkage coefficient.
Thanks to its flexible structure, Zaxe Flex can be used in your special applications without any adjustment, and make the details perfect.
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Santa, the Christmas tree, gifts, lights, and a heartwarming exuberance even in the coldest time of winter: Christmas.

Celebrated in the last week of every December, Christmas is one of the most common cultures in the world. Christmas, the preparations of which started months ago, is now not only a belief with ancient roots, but also an event. So much so that in many parts of the world, houses and streets are decorated with Christmas trees, gifts are received and preparations are made for the New Year.

There are beautiful print models for Christmas on Thingivers, a 3D printing model site. As Zaxe, we have reviewed the 5 best printing models for you.


1. Holed Christmas Ornament

Here is a simple Christmas tree ornament consisting of a sphere with 198 holes. The holes are 5-pronged hypocycloids and are intended to resemble stars. The ornament is to be stepped on a raft. You can print with 3 shells and 10 percent infill. The ornamentation is very solid, as there are many holes and the walls are only 1.5 mm thick. The ornaments are 70 mm in diameter and weigh about 16 grams. You can decorate your tree.


2. Gingerbread Cookie Cutter

It’s Christmas time! This Gingerbread Cutter is perfect for your Christmas cookies! Print time is 55 minutes, filament you use is 17 gr, standard resolution, layer height is 0.3 mm. Enjoy your meal.


3. Nutcracker

It’s no surprise that the nutcracker is a holiday dinner item collected by all people. Culturally, it claims that nutcrackers are given as gifts to families to bring luck and protect their homes. You can drive your imagination wild with colors by gluing the pieces together.

It is recommended to print the parts in the following colors in Thingivers. We recommend keeping parts in these color groups to make assembly easier.

Red: arms, back, lower and upper body
White: Gloves, hair, mustache, eyes, legs
Blue: Eye (Iris)
Black: Belt, boots, hat, shoulder buttons
Yellow: Belt buckle, boot band, buttons, suspenders, shoulder pads, hat decorations

After printing the face of the nutcracker in a color of your choice, you can paint it with nude acrylic paint.


4. Christmas Tree

Print the snowman, one of the most famous symbols of winter, with your 3D printer! You can print the snowman model, which consists of 8 pieces in total with 5 buttons, 1 carrot nose, 1 hat and 1 body, in different colors, or you can print them all with white filament and then paint them in different colors with acrylic paint. You do not need to use any support during printing.


5. Snowman

If your prints are ready, you can enjoy Christmas with your own Christmas tree, decorations and cookies. Zaxe wishes you a Merry Christmas.

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Celebrated in the last week of every December, Christmas is one of the most common cultures in the world. We prepared top 5 3D printing model for Christmas

STL extension, which stands for "Stereolithography", is a type of format obtained by dividing the surfaces of 3D designed models into many triangles in a mathematical order, and these triangles represent the 3-dimensional model with three points. The detail of the model increases in direct proportion to the number of these triangles. The STL file type is the most widely used 3D printing format. STL files store the volume information of 3D models.

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