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Zaxe in Education

Supplement the learning process of your students with contemporary teaching methods. Keep things interesting for the youth by adding an extra dimension to education.

What We Do

For Education Sector

As Zaxe we provide you with our Zaxe Z3 or X3 printers so that you can print your designs on your desktop without the hustle of making a toys or models for your education system yourself with traditional ways.


with Zaxe 3D Printers

Engage Your Students

Interactive teaching methods will make the learning process easier and more effective. By motivating your students to get involved in the lesson, you are inviting them to discover their own abilities. Equip your students with problem solving skills that will help them adapt to the work environment of their choice in the future.

The Power of Visual Learning

Additive manufacturing benefits tutors of every subject by helping them transfer their ideas to the physical space. Create realistic replicas and implement visual learning techniques to immerse your students in the lesson. Zaxe offers the educators a broad spectrum of new visual guides to help teaching.

Inspire A New Generation

With the help of Zaxe, you can ignite creativity in students and promote innovative thinking. Give younger students a new outlet to express themselves, opportunity to learn new skills and teach them how to turn ideas into reality. Creativity is a commodity we much appreciate at Zaxe.

Touch to future in your industry

Teacher or students can 3D print low cost toys or models that can be used to assest the homeworks, projects and all smarter components with your study.


for Your Industry

Zaxe ABS Filament

Zaxe PLA Filament

Zaxe PETG Filament

Zaxe FLEX Filament

BASF PET CF15 Filament

BASF 316L Filament

BASF PP Filament

BASF Polyamid Filament

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New Experience of Printing Technology

Intruduce your produce area to 3D Printer 2.0

With its huge or small printing volume and easy to use UI anyone in your work space can easily use Zaxe Z3 Printers. There is room for all in Z3!

Optimized for Your Education!

We know that a students should be inspiring! That's why we designed our printers that way. With its open view from 3 sides,it's easy to understand the 7 inch touchscreen and its interior illumination, we assure you that Zaxe printers will fit your work space.

Zaxe 3D Industry

How to Get Started

Agile, scalable 3D printing presents manufacturers with one of the biggest opportunities available today.

Let us help you achieve the productivity gains you need to propel your organization to new levels of competitive success one 3D printed part at a time.

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Optimize Your Production Efficiency

Zaxe Z3 3D Printer

Zaxe Z3 3D Printer

Experience Precise tolerance precision at maximum speed! Get fast and stable with its CoreXY mechanical structure.

The new generation E3D titanium print head ensures you always get the highest performance.

We Know

Prototype is very important!

See Industrial Solutions

Here you find some examples to take as reference to yours with their cost and time to print

3D ###

Print Time : 1 hours

Product Cost : $1

3D ###

Print Time : 19 hours

Product Cost : $29

3D ###

Print Time : 1 hours

Product Cost : $16

3D ###

Print Time : 9 hours

Product Cost : $4

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